Dick Cheney’s Shiny Object


Like Gibbs confiscating white house press cell phones today, I think Cheney’s ubiquity is a conscious act on his part to play the role of a shiny object.

A man as smart as he is knows very well just how damaging he is being by plastering his mug all over the airwaves, claiming Rush is better than Colin and that waterboarding is not torture. He knows how damaging it is to the Republicans. That’s why the tactic is so effective. Everything he is saying is designed to gather eyeballs because what he is saying is meant to be shocking. Gentle reader, he really doesn’t care about the Republicans. He cares about his agenda… and it’s  amazing to me that people fall for this guy’s lines every single time.

This man doesn’t fart without it furthering his agenda. So, when you have to ask “why is he wrecking the party?” Don’t act mystified. Start seriously asking what his objective is and do not underestimate him.


I called my father up on this and after hearing me out he added that Cheney has never been affiliated strongly with the conservatives until he hooked up with Bush. He’s always been agenda minded and it’s always been his agenda and no one else’s. He speculated with me that Cheney may be trying to accelerate the demise of the Republican leadership in favor of a more moderate crowd.

Anyway, all that is speculation.

I remember back in 2003 when everyone was wonderign which way Bush would go and if we would go to war. Back then, I observed how Bush the man put forward his agenda, so I knew were going to war, while so many were caught up in the drama. The lesson here is – to know what’s going on, work on knowing the woman or man. Everything else is red herring, or chaff.


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