Kitty Humanity


Watching our kitty, I’m struck by how “human”  cats are. Anyone watching “America’s funniest home videos” will be able to attest to how cats can run into glass patio doors, fall off things, trip, and otherwise overshoot their marks when they run.  Just now, Mitsy (our kitty) launched herself up onto the top of my PC box, scrabbled off it, and slammed herself into the wall.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that what makes cats special is not their coordination, for they can be incredibly uncoordinated, it’s their ability to take everything in stride. Afterwards, Mitsy thinks nothing of her tumble.  It wasn’t even worth mentioning.

Nothing to see here.

Go about your business, citizen.


2 Responses to “Kitty Humanity”

  1. 2 faeyin

    I want one >.>

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