Mock Wisdom


Have you ever had someone smile serenely at you, as if they had all the answers to life’s riddles, even when you knew they hadn’t a clue? Ever get into an argument with someone who will suddenly pat you on the head and wink knowingly, although you caught them in a couple of logical fallacies not a minute ago?

I call these people Mock Wise.

People that lay claim to wisdom they do not have are likely either liars, bullshitters, or delusional. Possibly all at once.

It’s very easy to walk into the Mock Wisdom trap. All you have to do is claim wisdom you don’t have. The hillbilly high priestess or the evangelical minister, or the college professor, or the facility worker at the college professor’s university union, can all put on condescending airs and think they are ‘holier than thou’ (a less precise term for “mock-wisdom” >.>).

Don’t go down that road!

If you feel wisdom’s clammy embrace around you and you feel the need to strut your metaphysical / BS psycho analytical stuff, just stop, breath, and start asking questions instead.

Hey, it worked for Socrates!  When the Oracle at Delphi told him that he was the wisest man on earth, he asked everyone questions so that he could prove the Oracle wrong. He did not believe he could possibly be so wise.

./mock wise rant


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