Suze Oreman Extolls Names


This morning I glimpsed Suze Oreman on PBS (yet again, it felt like, since it’s drive week yet again) with a new show. On this show she was proclaiming the the idea that we “are our names.”  “All we are are our names, these days,” she said. So be proud and assertively call out your name when you’re among people.

To be honest i thought she made good sense as I meandered over to take my shower. We don’t want to give others credit for our own hard work, after all. We don’t want to be meek because we think we should be humble and as a result let people ride up and down upon ourselves.

So, what she said made sense to me, until the shower water hit me. Then, I remembered that the idea of Arete, or excellence, used to be attached to a person’s name in ancient Greece.

Before you start to say “great” Suze hit the nail on the head” I remembered that this was why Achilles drug Hector aroudn the walls of Troy. He did so because Achilles’ friend Patroclus (friend as in friend + lover) was so trusted that he bore Achilles’ armor in battle in his place.  When Patroclus died Achilles swung into a rage and ran over to took his revenge on Troy and Hector not just because his friend had died, but also because his name had been soiled. Patroclus was in Achilles armor..  so for that battle he was Achilles.. and after he died Achilles had to avenge both his friend AND his name.

The message I would take to Suze Oreman is that Greece was a shame based culture, while Christian nations have traditionally been guilt based (worrying about the state of one’s soul). Just like i have a problem with guilt based cultures, I’m not wild about your using the power of your pulpit to inadvertently re-shame base us.

We are more than just our names.


2 Responses to “Suze Oreman Extolls Names”

  1. 1 Sus

    I don’t know about any of that, but she has a good name. 😉

  2. 2 faeyin

    It is pretty euphonic . Wish mine were 😉

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