No Kindle For Me


I admired the Kindle. I’ve lusted after it. I’ve longed to have it, but it’s 400 dollar price tag was always just a bit out of my reach.

But, today I’ve learned of something that will make me reconsider buying it even when i do have the resources.

Big, big, big step backwards for the Kindle book platform. And even with a poetic twist.

It seems Amazon snuck into people’s electronic libraries overnight and deleted their George Orwell books. (I’m not clear what happened in cases where people had also saved their electronic copies to the computer in addition to their Kindle — if anyone knows, lemme know.)

The technology and execution is amazing, as I’ve noted before. But it really seems like Amazon Inc. might be too craven to make it work.

I’ve always been leery of Amazon ever since I had heard that they had conservative political roots. But the Kindle technology and Amazon’s general efficiency at doing business was alluring all the same. But when I can’t even be sure that the books I own will be in my library the next day.. when I know that the sellers can take a cyber stroll down into the books that I buy whenever they feel like it and gain information about my politics, my beliefs, my life, and then they do something like this that shows they are capable of it.. I decide I wont wait any longer for their product. I’ll wait til a smarter, hungrier, competitor comes on the scene and offers me protection.


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