What Patriotism Is


I’ve been visiting talking points memo and read some interesting posts about people commenting on one of the anti health-care advocates having to step down.

They were so interesting to me. So heart felt and so sincere that if I didn’t know the issues I would have sworn they were on the right side of history. Only, being one of those people that desperately needs health reform, I know they weren’t and aren’t on the right side. Their victory in the cause of Freedom is to my physical detriment. Their cause is won at the cost of a part of my pursuit of happiness. Isn’t good health part of happiness?

So, I’ll venture a guess that patriotism is either a virtue that one has and is mostly unaware of, or it’s a pseudo-religious cop out used by those who desperately need something, anything, to believe in without having to think it through much.

Those posts and posts like it are a reminder of why we need to be able to think of others and not simply look to our own interest groups. How many beliefs do we all hold that interfere with other’s well being?


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