A Cat Drama


Sometime today, I rambled around the house, looking for something I had mislaid. On a whim I decided to head to the back room and look for it in there.  Mumbling and carrying on a lengthy and highly engrossing conversation with myself,  I started tossing things around and shaking my head, all while deep in thought and externalizing the inner workings of my mind to the world.  I might have used a gesture or two to emphasis my thought at the time.

After a bit, giving up and heading out the door, a thought struck me.  I turned to look into the eyes of Mitzi The Cat who had been watching me with rapt attention all that time, sitting in one of her favorite perches.

“Ah,” I said.

Then, I sheepishly shut the door behind me, leaving it open a crack so the cat could get out.


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