A Liberal Body In A Conservative State


I can tell you that I have my own personal interest in a better health care system. After all, I have a liberal body in a conservative state, with my curves and the small detail of a ‘y’ chromosome that I shouldn’t have.  And, no, I didn’t take hormones or elected surgery to get my results. Momma nature decided all by her self to create me with bits and bobs of both and there’s nothing that the conservatives of the great state of Texas can do about that, except water down my health care and pretend that I don’t exist.

Conservatives are like that critter in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Universe. If they close their eyes, everything around them must not exist.  Homosexuals? Can’t see you, don’t exist. Healthcare crisis?  Never happened, my eyes are shut. La la la la la

That’s the sum of a life that doesn’t fit neatly into the chosen categories.  If it doesn’t fit, it’s liberal, and conservatives can’t see it; so it doesn’t exist.


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