Opt Out Public Option Silliness


I’m totally not taking this idea seriously.  This is basically the last gasp from the conservatives that want to limbo around having to deal with the loss of profits inevitable with the public option; and it’s ridiculous.  Both parties would stand to lose massively because of this proposal because once in place, people who need the health insurance would immediately start moving to the states that had the public option and abandon the states that did not.  States would have to start passing laws restricting people’s movement in order to save their economies or prevent overwhelming their health care systems.

I could guarantee that just about everyone would be pissed off at everyone in government … and in several years time we’d all have universal single payer health care because we’d have to declare a state of emergency and cover everyone as cheaply as possible and the politicians would be desperate.

Ooooh yeah, it’s a real loser for any politician that wants to go down that road and ut we’d also be looking at a lot of new legislators before they got around to fixing the issue.

G’head, Congress.  Make our day.


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