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I found this on the New York Times site fromone ofthe commenters “ Let’s get fiscal, fiscal, I wanna get fiscal, let’s get into fiscal. Let me hear your budget talk, Your budget talk, let me hear your budget talk.” — Mark A. Sadowski A further note on debt and deficits I admit it.. I […]

I found this at Wonkette

I found this on Ryuichi Sakamoto. Ryuichi Sakamoto is the multi-award winning artist, composer, producer and musician whose many talents make him a renaissance man of contemporary Japan. Perhaps best known for his work with techno-pop group Yellow Magic Orchestra in the late 70s and early 80s, Sakamoto’s solo career has yielded collaborations with David […]

Except these kind of beauty pageants Yes… I can hear the screams now.  2-faced!  Hypocrite! However, as an intersexed individual, I don’t feel like these contests are exactly the shams the “normal” ones are. They are pretty much identical, which I give demerits for, but these contests give transgendered women want they value so highly […]

Bono calls this a poem That’s fine with me.  It gives me hope for the rest of us aspirers that a song writer of this level of fame can produce something so questionable. Bono … is most likely the guy my college poetry professor would call “talented.”  When we came into class, we would all […]

The Lyrebird


A friend sent me this via email. I love it so much that, of course,  I have to share! This lovely critter can imitate just about anything. Seriously.

Via huffington post, I found this interesting writer from this post on will power and being happy. Here’s a little snippet; …Relying on will power is very hard – so whenever possible, I abandon it. Instead of resisting temptation, I avoid it entirely. Studies indicate that we have a limited amount of self-control, and it […]

Yes, We Did


From Illdoctine.  Jsmooth says that he has no words and that we should give him a moment, but he says all he needs to say without words here. Edit: Something else I found in the same “Yes, we did” vein

Cat Fantastic


From Graphjam