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I found this on the New York Times site fromone ofthe commenters “ Let’s get fiscal, fiscal, I wanna get fiscal, let’s get into fiscal. Let me hear your budget talk, Your budget talk, let me hear your budget talk.” — Mark A. Sadowski A further note on debt and deficits I admit it.. I […]

I found this at Wonkette

AIG gave out “retention bonuses” to be able to keep “the best and the brightest” people at tanking their own company.   Do you want people that are at the apex of ability in terms of screwing over their own shareholders and the American taxpayer?  Look no further. (I keep thinking of Groo the Wanderer for […]

From Wonkette; Just doing my part in viral marketing. Go vote!

Omg … So, cute. Make it stop ! The fishing village of Obama, Japan has it bad for Barack. The local ‘Obama Girls’ specialize in hula dancing to honor his birthplace. The town sells Obama chopsticks and Obama red bean cakes and ‘Obamaburgers’ made of fish. The streets are lined with Obama banners. Villagers gather […]

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I found this on one of the comments of the huffington post.

Humorous Sarah


I was taking a break today, but this was too good. h/t Jane Hamsher

OK OK It seems that a new meme has been started lately with Barack’s surge in the polls.  The first one I’ve noticed was the Rocky themed you tube I posted up last night.  Continuing the meme is one my father pointed out to me – and I have to say that I love this […]