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Today is the day where labor can take off and celebrate the fact that our country respects owners better than workers.  This is the one day a year where we celebrate our love of the blue collar, while laying people withblue collars off.  This is the day where congress pats workers on the heads enjoying […]

Mouse Push


Have you ever felt that you could physically push your monitor with your mouse?

I can tell you that I have my own personal interest in a better health care system. After all, I have a liberal body in a conservative state, with my curves and the small detail of a ‘y’ chromosome that I shouldn’t have.  And, no, I didn’t take hormones or elected surgery to get my […]

To all those saying they wish to “water the Tree of Liberty,” I humbly ask that if they want to water it, to please use their own liquid and to leave the rest of us alone. People should spend more time laid back under the leaves of the Tree of Peace, Harmony, and Love.

A Cat Drama


Sometime today, I rambled around the house, looking for something I had mislaid. On a whim I decided to head to the back room and look for it in there.  Mumbling and carrying on a lengthy and highly engrossing conversation with myself,  I started tossing things around and shaking my head, all while deep in […]

I’ve been thinking of the woman that was Drug away from air force 1 earlier this week. I couldn’t help but think that this could have happened to people I know, or myself, if we weren’t careful. Why? Because she lost control over her emotions and her drive and desire overcame her restraint. Maybe we […]

Masters of War


While listening to music, Bob Dylan’s Masters of War came up in my playlist.   It’s amazing how yesterday’s folk is still so relevant today

Mock Wisdom


Have you ever had someone smile serenely at you, as if they had all the answers to life’s riddles, even when you knew they hadn’t a clue? Ever get into an argument with someone who will suddenly pat you on the head and wink knowingly, although you caught them in a couple of logical fallacies […]

Except these kind of beauty pageants Yes… I can hear the screams now.  2-faced!  Hypocrite! However, as an intersexed individual, I don’t feel like these contests are exactly the shams the “normal” ones are. They are pretty much identical, which I give demerits for, but these contests give transgendered women want they value so highly […]

Kitty Humanity


Watching our kitty, I’m struck by how “human”  cats are. Anyone watching “America’s funniest home videos” will be able to attest to how cats can run into glass patio doors, fall off things, trip, and otherwise overshoot their marks when they run.  Just now, Mitsy (our kitty) launched herself up onto the top of my […]