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The first week of school really took me by surprise and tackled me. I lost track of time so it wasn’t til last week that I finished gettign everything taken care of.  I had to wait this week for my financial aid to be deposited into my uni until I could relax.  School also started […]

This week I’m going to start learning both Japanese and the Tarot everyday. Just pick a word a day to learn and during the week review ’til I totally know all seven words for the day. I’ll put them down onto note cards and then separate those cards into weekly stacks, and then monthly, and […]

Tarot History


The history of the Tarot is pretty interesting.  Here i thought the history started in the early 20th century and yet it goes back to almost the Magna Carta.  I better get back to it. Cheesy post, huh?  But I’m trying to postat least a little every day, so here we are.

My Eventful Day


Today I went and got advised and selected my classes for the semester. All basic theatre classes,including acting 1..wooo  The financial aid has me worried, though. It’s all signed and taken care of but i spent all today signing my first born (trick’s on them.. i’m sterile) away.  So,I have no idea if I’ve acted […]

Mock Wisdom


Have you ever had someone smile serenely at you, as if they had all the answers to life’s riddles, even when you knew they hadn’t a clue? Ever get into an argument with someone who will suddenly pat you on the head and wink knowingly, although you caught them in a couple of logical fallacies […]

One way to be guided through life is by drawing on analogies. One of my favorites is that of cooking and cleaning. So, when some people ask me why I like cooking and cleaning, I tell them that I like doing those things because cooking and cleaning are creative processes. When I’m cooking I’m drawing […]

Mac, my West Highland terrier, and I have reached an understanding concerning walkies. When he wants to go out, he’ll sit down in front of me and gently place his paw upon my thigh. I’ll then look down at him and politely ask, “do you want to go out?” If I’m right, he’ll dance around […]

I’m very self-conscious of my looks and anonymity so I tried to do an impersonal self-portrait.  It’s not easy.  This didn’t turn out as nicly as wanted, but it’s a first attempt.  I should really draft a friend or two to help me out. Then I went into the gimp and edited out the background, […]

Here’s what I’m trying to do.   Twice a week I’m mixing equal parts olive oil and sugar and rubbing it into my body. Then I rinse and towel off. The five days of the week that I’m not “going all Greek” I’m Brushing my skin off using skin brushes which is great, because it leaves […]

Happy New Years, one and all ! Lately, I’ve been toying around with a short story idea and generally keeping busy (sorry !  I wont ruin my chances of writing something by telling you anything about  it). I’ve also gotten into a classical music kick because I happened upon this cheesy anime series and immediately […]