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New Main Blog


I’ve got a new main blog at zeNNette! I didn’t have to change, I know, but I wanted the classy zeNNette url. Advertisements

I’ve been sooo neglectful to my poor poor blog. But, hopefully that will change. However, I’m going to change how i do business here, so ‘scuse my mess ❤

I would not say that Obama has passed any real tests with the pirate thing. I’m very happy with the results, and I’m happy everyone is safe, but we’re not talking international relations, or domestic prosperity. We’re talking one human life and a very very very important first step towards finding a solution toward the […]



Currently, I am reading Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer. I have not seen the movie yet and I’m glad. The book is entertaining … and it might not have been as good had i chosen to see the flick first. So now I’ll watch the dvd when it comes out and be able to see how […]

I’m attending a 3 day “how to get jobs” seminar from the Texas workforce commission.  I have to say that I nearly walked out until the last hour, when suddenly the teacher started telling us reams of useful things to say to and ask job interviewers.  So, now I’m committed to 2 more days. I’ll […]



This is my first post in months, but I’ve yet to figure out how I’m going to use this blog. So, I’ve done what every red blooded hermaphrodite should do. Procrastinate. I think I probably should just adopt a “say and spray” approach and just get whatever is on my mind out there, no matter […]

Don’t mind me.  I’m not posting like crazy lately because I’m getting used to a new OS, Kubuntu, because a friend told me she uses it (we’ll test her to see if she really reads my blog often. If she hops up and down in the comments, she passes /tease). I used to use Ubuntu, […]

Cruising for new stuff on philosophy, I found this. … Earlier this week, I gave students a survey on the difference between essential and accidental properties.  For each property, students were supposed to indicate whether they thought that they had that property essentially or accidentally. … As one of the commenters pointed out, is this […]

David Letterman is still pounding hard on McCain. I wonder if he’ll go the full 5 weeks smacking him around because of his cancellation? I hope so.  It’s nice that there’s actually some prices people have topay for being a prat.

Excuse My Mess


I’m adding a lot of posts so I can put my hyperlinks there, instead of being forced to clutter up my blogroll with tons of stuff that makes the eyes bleed to look through.  It frees me up to put as much stuff as I want up in my blog because people can just pick […]