My Eventful Day


Today I went and got advised and selected my classes for the semester. All basic theatre classes,including acting 1..wooo  The financial aid has me worried, though. It’s all signed and taken care of but i spent all today signing my first born (trick’s on them.. i’m sterile) away.  So,I have no idea if I’ve acted in time for me to get that check in a week’s time.

But I did pick up a copy of a beginner’s tarot pack.  Book + cards. I like that they included anotherdeck that i could color myself.  So, there has been atleast a little wee  to go with a lot of arrrg.


Wrong Gender


I don’t necessarily view this as right.

Semenya’s dominating run came on the same day track and field’s ruling body said she was undergoing a gender test because of concerns she does not meet requirements to compete as a woman.

“Excuse me, you don’t win because you don’t qualify as a woman.”

Who the hell makes this shit up? Can you imagine what might be going inside Semenya’s head at this point in time? If she fully thinks that she’s a woman and identifies as such, to have someone comeup and yank the medal away and tell her she’s not is cruel.

Obama Lost Me


If the scuttlebut is true,and the public option is about to be scuttled then I will likely assume the “hope” he shilled during his candidacy might  just be hype.  It really doesn’t matter if the “realities” aren’t there.  He said with our help he could deliver, but I’ve never really seen him out in public asking us and explaining things to us. He’s been mostly in back rooms cutting “deals” with our lives amidst the fat cats that exploit us.

NB: He might stillhave something else under his sleeve but if he angers the progressive base he might have problems. He really needs toworkhis PR better than he has and spend less time in those dark rooms.

Mouse Push


Have you ever felt that you could physically push your monitor with your mouse?

I can tell you that I have my own personal interest in a better health care system. After all, I have a liberal body in a conservative state, with my curves and the small detail of a ‘y’ chromosome that I shouldn’t have.  And, no, I didn’t take hormones or elected surgery to get my results. Momma nature decided all by her self to create me with bits and bobs of both and there’s nothing that the conservatives of the great state of Texas can do about that, except water down my health care and pretend that I don’t exist.

Conservatives are like that critter in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Universe. If they close their eyes, everything around them must not exist.  Homosexuals? Can’t see you, don’t exist. Healthcare crisis?  Never happened, my eyes are shut. La la la la la

That’s the sum of a life that doesn’t fit neatly into the chosen categories.  If it doesn’t fit, it’s liberal, and conservatives can’t see it; so it doesn’t exist.

To all those saying they wish to “water the Tree of Liberty,” I humbly ask that if they want to water it, to please use their own liquid and to leave the rest of us alone.

People should spend more time laid back under the leaves of the Tree of Peace, Harmony, and Love.

A Cat Drama


Sometime today, I rambled around the house, looking for something I had mislaid. On a whim I decided to head to the back room and look for it in there.  Mumbling and carrying on a lengthy and highly engrossing conversation with myself,  I started tossing things around and shaking my head, all while deep in thought and externalizing the inner workings of my mind to the world.  I might have used a gesture or two to emphasis my thought at the time.

After a bit, giving up and heading out the door, a thought struck me.  I turned to look into the eyes of Mitzi The Cat who had been watching me with rapt attention all that time, sitting in one of her favorite perches.

“Ah,” I said.

Then, I sheepishly shut the door behind me, leaving it open a crack so the cat could get out.

Orcinus asks the question and so I link here and let you decide for yourselves.

All through the dark years of the Bush Administration, progressives watched in horror as Constitutional protections vanished, nativist rhetoric ratcheted up, hate speech turned into intimidation and violence, and the president of the United States seized for himself powers only demanded by history’s worst dictators. With each new outrage, the small handful of us who’d made ourselves experts on right-wing culture and politics would hear once again from worried readers: Is this it? Have we finally become a fascist state? Are we there yet?…

Looking at the past weeks headlines over ‘protestors’ interrupting town halls and talking heads crying “Nazi” and “racist” I’m beginning to wonder if our ‘freedoms of speech’ wouldn’t be better protected if they were more limited in some way?

Very scary question to ask. Yes.

But how free are we when people start yelling epithets, hatred, divisive language, and essentially drowning out the voices of the rest of us by their volume? At what point do “concerned citizens” become belligerent thugs?

The national discourse lately seems to have degenerated and split into the camps that ask for basic health care and the right to be heard, and the camps that clamp their hands over their ears and scream “I have the right to be heard, freedom, freedom, freedom!” in loud Braveheart voices.



The problem with Freedomworks is that the organization never specifies whose freedom it’s working for.   However, I’m sure it’s very progressive and endlessly useful for it’s select  group of people.